National Communication Association (Salt Lake City, UT)

At the 104th Annual National Communication Conference in November, Dr. Rafferty presented research on two different projects: (1) parents’ advice messages to other parents traversing a child’s pediatric complex condition, and (2) dialectical tensions surrounding parents talk about normality and difference regarding their experiences as a caregiver.


Iowa State University (ISU) Undergraduate Research Symposium (AMES, IA)

ISU Undergraduate Students (Sarah Heller, Madison Schwenneker, Kara Hutton & Nicole Miller) represented the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the Symposium on Undergraduate Research and Creative Expression on April 10, 2018. Sarah and Madison presented research on college students healthcare privacy boundaries. Kara and Nicole presented on the communicative tensions evident in parents’ talk about caregiving for their chronically ill child. 

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The Academic minute (AMES, IA)

Dr. Rafferty's research about how parents can serve as advocates for their chronically ill children was published in The Academic Minutea WAMC national production.


Iowa State University Communications Research roundup (Ames, IA)

Dr. Rafferty's research lab was featured during Iowa State University's Liberal Arts and Sciences Week. 



empathy not just sympathy

The Cedar Rapids News Gazette (Cedar rapids, IA)

Dr. Rafferty's research findings on expressing empathy when showing support for families grieving or battling health difficulties was recently referenced in The Gazette

Live Interview

WHO TV 13 News at 4 (Des Moines, IA)

In December 2017, Dr. Rafferty had a live interview with a local Des Moines news station to discuss her research and how it can help educate others to be supportive for those who may spend the holidays suffering from feelings of loss and hopelessness. 

NCA 2017

National Communication Association (Dallas, TX)

In November 2017, Dr. Rafferty and two undergraduate students (Kara Hutton & Sarah Heller) presented their research on parents' health information disclosures and the role of hope in parents' management of their child's complex chronic condition at the 103rd Annual National Communication Conference.

Photo Credit: Christopher Gannon

Photo Credit: Christopher Gannon

Iowa state university press release & Charlotte Lozier Blog Post (Ames, IA)

Dr. Rafferty’s recent study on what it means to be a parental advocate for a chronically ill child was published in Health Communication. A news release was disseminated by Iowa State University

A discussion of her findings and its relationship to the Charlie Gard case was also published on the Charlotte Lozier Institute blog.

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Iowa State University (ISU) Undergraduate Research Symposium (Ames, IA)

ISU undergraduate students (Kara Hutton & Sarah Heller) represented the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the Symposium on Undergraduate Research & Creative Expression on April 11, 2017. Here, they presented research about parents' privacy management disclosures regarding their child's complex chronic condition.